Wafer Production Line Manufacturer

Kehua Foodstuff Machinery is a reputed and trustworthy wafer biscuit machinery manufacturer in China, and we are dedicated to the production of various wafer lines, including automatic flat wafer production line, hollow wafer production line, ball wafer production line, boat wafer production line and soft waffle production line. Our food machinery has gained CE certification and Russia Access Certificate of Fuel Gas Heated Wafer Production Line, and our products are highly praised by Nestle, Kraft, Nabisco and other world-class biscuit manufacturers. More

Product List
  • Production Plan
    1. Series 1

      This series mainly refers to 27-mould type and 33-mould type, and these two models ...

    1. Series 2

      The series 2 wafer production line is mainly utilized to fabricate diverse kinds of wafer ...

    1. Series 3

      For wafer production lines that have 63, 65, 69 or 75 moulds, they are highly efficient ...

    1. Automatic Flat Wafer Production Line

      As a well-known food machinery manufacturer in China, we could provide customers with nine types of automatic flat wafer production line. These wafer lines have various production capacities as a result of their different ...

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    1. Hollow Wafer Production Line

      The hollow wafer production line is primarily utilized to make laminated wafer biscuits that are similar to half-cylinder in shape, and its maximum production capacity could reach up to 53400 wafer bars per hour.

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    1. Ball Wafer Production Line

      The ball wafer production line, developed in the year of 2009, is intended to manufacture chocolate hazelnut ball, so it is also known as chocolate hazelnut ball production line.

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    1. Boat Wafer Production Line

      The 69-mould boat wafer production line, developed by ourselves in 2013, is an innovative product, and it has acquired one self-owned national patent. This wafer biscuit production line is mainly designed to make boat-shaped ...

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    1. Soft Waffle Production Line

      The soft waffle production line was developed on our own in the year of 2008, and it was successfully released to the market at the beginning of 2009. As a pioneer product in China, it has gained four design patents ...

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